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· 13 min read
Sébastien Lorber
Joshua Chen
Yangshun Tay
Alexey Pyltsyn
Paul O’Shannessy
Joel Marcey

Today we are extremely happy to finally announce Docusaurus 2.0! 🥳️

At Meta Open Source, we believe Docusaurus will help you build the best documentation websites with minimal effort, letting you focus on what really matters: writing the content.

After 4 years of work, 75 alphas and 22 betas, the next generation of Docusaurus is ready for prime time. From now on, we now plan to respect Semantic Versioning and will release major versions more frequently.

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· 4 min read
Sébastien Lorber

Today, we officially release Docusaurus 2 i18n (internationalization), as part of 2.0.0-alpha.71.

Docusaurus 2 has now reached full feature parity with Docusaurus 1. 🎉 And soon, after a few additional infrastructure updates and a bit more testing, the first Docusaurus 2 beta will be released.

We went the extra mile, and the new i18n support is even better than in Docusaurus 1.

In this post, we will present you the translation workflow, explain some design decisions and showcase early adopter sites that just went live: Jest, Redwood, and Datagit.

We also dogfood the i18n support on the Docusaurus 2 site itself, and this post is already available in English and French!