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  • Table of contents is now highlighted depending on current active headings. (thanks to awesome @SantiagoGdaR) #1896
  • Official blog plugin can now generate feed for blog posts. (thanks to awesome @moozzyk) #1916
  • BREAKING prismTheme is renamed to theme as part new prism object in themeConfig field in your docusaurus.config.js. Eg:
     themeConfig: {
    - prismTheme: require('prism-react-renderer/themes/dracula'),
    + prism: {
    + theme: require('prism-react-renderer/themes/dracula'),
    + },
  • Added new prism option defaultLanguage that is used if the language is not specified in code blocks. #1910


  • Fix babel/env not picking the correct browserslist configuration during development. When running docusaurus start, process.env.NODE_ENV is now consistently set to development.
  • Ensure routes config generation to be more consistent in ordering. Nested routes should be placed last in routes.js. This will allow user to create src/pages/docs.js to create custom docs page for /docs or even src/pages/docs/super.js to create page for /docs/super/;
  • Fix watcher does not trigger reload on windows.
  • Fix build compilation error if exists only one code tab.
  • Add minor padding to docs container so that hash-link won't be cut off.


  • Misc dependency upgrades.
  • Stability improvement (more tests) & refactoring on docs plugin to prevent regression.