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Active Team

The Docusaurus team works on the core functionality, plugins for the classic theme, as well as the Docusaurus documentation website.

Current members of the Docusaurus team are listed in alphabetical order below.

Sébastien Lorber's avatar

Sébastien Lorber

React lover since 2014. Freelance, helping Facebook ship Docusaurus v2. He writes regularly, on his website and
Sida Chen's avatar

Sida Chen

Student from Shanghai, China. Enthusiastic open-source project creator, but never actually works hard on those projects he created.
Clément Couriol's avatar

Clément Couriol

Student from CPE Lyon, France. Passionate web developer who tries to become an expert web developer.

Honorary Alumni

Docusaurus would never be what it is today without the huge contributions from these folks who have moved on to bigger and greater things.

Joel Marcey's avatar

Joel Marcey

Docusaurus founder and now ever grateful Docusaurus cheerleader to those who actually write code for it.
Alexey Pyltsyn's avatar

Alexey Pyltsyn

Obsessed open-source enthusiast 👋 Eternal amateur at everything 🤷‍♂️ Maintainer of Russian docs on PHP, React, Kubernetes and much more 🧐
Yangshun Tay's avatar

Yangshun Tay

Full Front End Stack developer who likes working on the Jamstack. Working on Docusaurus made him Facebook's unofficial part-time Open Source webmaster, which is an awesome role to be in.
Endilie Yacop Sucipto's avatar

Endilie Yacop Sucipto

Maintainer @docusaurus · 🔥🔥🔥
Wei Gao's avatar

Wei Gao

🏻‍🌾 Work in progress React developer, maintains Docusaurus, writes docs and spams this world with many websites.

Student Fellows

A handful of students have also worked on Docusaurus as part of their school term/internship and the Major League Hacking Fellowship program, contributing amazing features such as plugin options validation, migration tooling, and a Bootstrap theme.

Anshul Goyal's avatar

Anshul Goyal

Fullstack developer who loves to code and try new technologies. In his free time, he contributes to open source, writes blog posts on his website and watches Anime.
Drew Alexander's avatar

Drew Alexander

Developer and Creative, trying to gain the skills to build whatever he can think of.
Fanny Vieira's avatar

Fanny Vieira

Fanny got started with web development in high school, building a project for the school kitchen. In her free time she loves contributing to Open Source, occasionally writing on her blog about her experiences, cooking, and creating Spotify playlists.
Sam Zhou's avatar

Sam Zhou

Sam started programming in 2011 and built his website in 2015. He is interested in programming languages, dev infra and web development, and has built his own programming language and mini React.
Tan Teik Jun's avatar

Tan Teik Jun

Open-source enthusiast who aims to become as awesome as the other humans on this page. Working on Docusaurus brought him closer to his goal. 🌱
Nisarag Bhatt's avatar

Nisarag Bhatt

Fullstack web developer who loves learning new technologies and applying them! Loves contributing to open source as well as writing content articles and tutorials.


Docusaurus was originally created by Joel Marcey. Today, Docusaurus has a few hundred open source contributors. We’d like to recognize a few people who have made significant contributions to Docusaurus and its documentation in the past and have helped maintain them over the years: