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  • Add a sensible default for browserslist config.
  • UI
    • Add sun and moon emoji to the dark mode toggle.
    • Mobile responsive menu.
    • Right table of contents for docs is now sticky.
  • Plugins
    • Change plugin definitions from classes to functions. Refer to the new plugin docs.
    • Implement Clients module API.
    • Change format within docusaurus.config.js to be like presets.
  • Deps
    • Infima CSS is now locked down to specific versions and not relying upon the CDN which reads from trunk.
    • Update dependencies to latest
  • Customize/ Override infima CSS variables by passing options into the classic preset.
presets: [
theme: {
customCss: require.resolve('./css/custom.css'),
  • Allow passing remark and rehype plugins to mdx-loader for docs and blog plugin
  • Move themes component of docs and blog to be part of theme-classic
  • Use composition style for prism syntax highlighting instead of doing it via rehype plugin
  • Pass MDXProvider to docs and blog. To change the provided MDX components, run docusaurus swizzle @docusaurus/theme-classic MDXComponents
  • Add @docusaurus/theme-livecodeblock plugin
  • Better run-time code generation & webpack splitchunks optimization
  • Minify css for production build
  • Fix weird scrolling problem when navigating to a route with a hash location