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Version: 2.3.1

šŸ“¦ plugin-google-tag-manager

A plugin for adding Google Tag Manager (gtm.js) to a Docusaurus site. Use this plugin in conjunction with the standard gtag plugin for in-depth analysis of how users are using your site.


You can use Google's Tag Assistant tool to check if tag manager is set up correctly!

production only

This plugin is always inactive in development and only active in production to avoid polluting the analytics statistics.


npm install --save @docusaurus/plugin-google-tag-manager

If you use the preset @docusaurus/preset-classic, you don't need to install this plugin as a dependency.

VocĆŖ pode configurar este plugin atravĆ©s das opƧƵes de predefiniĆ§Ć£o.


Campos aceitos:

containerIdstringRequiredYour Tag Manager container Id (usually starts with GTM-).

ConfiguraĆ§Ć£o de exemploā€‹

VocĆŖ pode configurar este plugin atravĆ©s das opƧƵes de predefiniĆ§Ć£o ou opƧƵes do plugin.


A maioria dos usuĆ”rios do Docusaurus configura este plugin atravĆ©s das configuraƧƵes de predefiniĆ§Ć£o.

If you use a preset, configure this plugin through the opƧƵes de predefiniĆ§Ć£o:

module.exports = {
presets: [
googleTagManager: {
containerId: 'GTM-12345',