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Version: 2.x

Suporte a TypeScript

Docusaurus is written in TypeScript and provides first-class TypeScript support.


O Docusaurus suporta escrever e usar componentes de temas TypeScript. If the init template provides a TypeScript variant, you can directly initialize a site with full TypeScript support by using the --typescript flag.

npx create-docusaurus@latest my-website classic --typescript

Below are some guides on how to migrate an existing project to TypeScript.


To start using TypeScript, add @docusaurus/module-type-aliases and the base TS config to your project:

npm install --save-dev typescript @docusaurus/module-type-aliases @tsconfig/docusaurus

Then add tsconfig.json to your project root with the following content:

"extends": "@tsconfig/docusaurus/tsconfig.json",
"compilerOptions": {
"baseUrl": "."

Docusaurus doesn't use this tsconfig.json to compile your project. It is added just for a nicer Editor experience, although you can choose to run tsc to type check your code for yourself or on CI.

Agora você pode começar a escrever componentes de tema TypeScript.

Typing the config file

It is not possible to use a TypeScript config file in Docusaurus unless you compile it yourself to JavaScript.

We recommend using JSDoc type annotations:

// @ts-check

/** @type {import('@docusaurus/types').Plugin} */
function MyPlugin(context, options) {
return {
name: 'my-plugin',

/** @type {import('@docusaurus/types').Config} */
const config = {
title: 'Docusaurus',
tagline: 'Build optimized websites quickly, focus on your content',
organizationName: 'facebook',
projectName: 'docusaurus',
plugins: [MyPlugin],
presets: [
/** @type {import('@docusaurus/preset-classic').Options} */
docs: {
path: 'docs',
sidebarPath: 'sidebars.js',
blog: {
path: 'blog',
postsPerPage: 5,
/** @type {import('@docusaurus/preset-classic').ThemeConfig} */
colorMode: {
defaultMode: 'dark',
navbar: {
hideOnScroll: true,
title: 'Docusaurus',
logo: {
alt: 'Docusaurus Logo',
src: 'img/docusaurus.svg',
srcDark: 'img/docusaurus_keytar.svg',

module.exports = config;

Type annotations are very useful and help your IDE understand the type of config objects!

The best IDEs (VS Code, WebStorm, IntelliJ...) will provide a nice auto-completion experience.


By default, the Docusaurus TypeScript config does not type-check JavaScript files.

The // @ts-check comment ensures the config file is properly type-checked when running npx tsc.

Swizzling TypeScript theme components

For themes that support TypeScript theme components, you can add the --typescript flag to the end of the swizzle command to get TypeScript source code. For example, the following command will generate index.tsx and styles.module.css into src/theme/Footer.

npm run swizzle @docusaurus/theme-classic Footer -- --typescript

All official Docusaurus themes support TypeScript theme components, including theme-classic, theme-live-codeblock, and theme-search-algolia. If you are a Docusaurus theme package author who wants to add TypeScript support, see the Lifecycle APIs docs.