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i18n - Usando git

A possible translation strategy is to version control the translation files with Git (or any other VCS).


Essa estratégia tem vantagens:

  • Easy to get started: just commit the i18n folder to Git
  • Easy for developers: Git, GitHub and pull requests are mainstream developer tools
  • Free (or without any additional cost, assuming you already use Git)
  • Low friction: does not require signing up to an external tool
  • Rewarding: contributors are happy to have a nice contribution history

O uso do Git também apresenta algumas deficiências:

  • Hard for non-developers: they do not master Git and pull-requests
  • Hard for professional translators: they are used to SaaS translation software and advanced features
  • Hard to maintain: you have to keep the translated files in sync with the untranslated files

Some large-scale technical projects (React, Vue.js, MDN, TypeScript, Nuxt.js, etc.) use Git for translations.

Refer to the Docusaurus i18n RFC for our notes and links studying these systems.


This is a walk-through of using Git to translate a newly initialized English Docusaurus website into French, and assume you already followed the i18n tutorial.

Prepare the Docusaurus site

Inicializar um novo site do Docusaurus:

npx create-docusaurus@latest website classic

Adicione a configuração do site para o idioma francês:

export default {
i18n: {
defaultLocale: 'en',
locales: ['en', 'fr'],
themeConfig: {
navbar: {
items: [
// ...
type: 'localeDropdown',
position: 'left',
// ...
// ...

Traduzir a página inicial:

import React from 'react';
import Translate from '@docusaurus/Translate';
import Layout from '@theme/Layout';

export default function Home() {
return (
<h1 style={{margin: 20}}>
<Translate description="The homepage main heading">
Welcome to my Docusaurus translated site!

Initialize the i18n folder

Use the write-translations CLI command to initialize the JSON translation files for the French locale:

npm run write-translations -- --locale fr

1 translations written at i18n/fr/code.json
11 translations written at i18n/fr/docusaurus-theme-classic/footer.json
4 translations written at i18n/fr/docusaurus-theme-classic/navbar.json
3 translations written at i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current.json

Use the --messagePrefix '(fr) ' option to make the untranslated strings stand out.

Hello will appear as (fr) Hello and makes it clear a translation is missing.

Copie seus arquivos Markdown não traduzidos para a pasta francesa:

mkdir -p i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current
cp -r docs/** i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current

mkdir -p i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-blog
cp -r blog/** i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-blog

mkdir -p i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages
cp -r src/pages/**.md i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages
cp -r src/pages/**.mdx i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages

Adicionar todos esses arquivos ao Git.

Translate the files

Translate the Markdown and JSON files in i18n/fr and commit the translation.

Agora você deve poder iniciar seu site em francês e ver as traduções:

npm run start -- --locale fr

Você também pode construir o site localmente ou em seu CI:

npm run build
# ou
npm run build -- --locale fr


Siga o mesmo processo para cada localidade que você precisa oferecer suporte.


Keeping translated files consistent with the originals can be challenging, in particular for Markdown documents.

Markdown translations

When an untranslated Markdown document is edited, it is your responsibility to maintain the respective translated files, and we unfortunately don't have a good way to help you do so.

To keep your translated sites consistent, when the website/docs/ doc is edited, you need backport these edits to i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/

JSON translations

To help you maintain the JSON translation files, it is possible to run again the write-translations CLI command:

npm run write-translations -- --locale fr

Novas traduções serão anexadas, e as existentes não serão substituídas.


Reset your translations with the --override option.

Localize edit URLs

When the user is browsing a page at /fr/doc1, the edit button will link by default to the unlocalized doc at website/docs/

Your translations are on Git, and you can use the editLocalizedFiles: true option of the docs and blog plugins.

The edit button will link to the localized doc at i18n/fr/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/