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Version: 3.3.2

Upgrading Docusaurus

Docusaurus versioning is based on the major.minor.patch scheme and respects Semantic Versioning.

Breaking changes are only released on major version upgrades, and thoroughly documented in the following upgrade guides.

Troubleshooting upgrades

When upgrading Docusaurus you may experience issues caused by mismatching cached dependencies - there are a few troubleshooting steps you should perform to resolve these common issues before reporting a bug or seeking support.

Run the clear command

This CLI command is used to clear a Docusaurus site's generated assets, caches and build artifacts.

npm run clear

Remove node_modules and your lock file(s)

Remove the node_modules folder and your package manager's lock file using the following:

rm -rf node_modules yarn.lock package-lock.json

Then reinstall packages and regenerate the lock file using:

npm install