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350 sites

Our favorites

  • The best search experience for docs, integrates in minutes, for free

  • A persian tutorial website strive to make quality education for everyone.

  • The most developer friendly live video SDK

  • All the tools you need to start building a modern WordPress project, using all the latest development tools.

  • The fastest way to create a GraphQL API from your data with authorization, real-time subscriptions, and more for free.

  • An open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies.

  • Documentation and wiki for the IOTA project

  • A delightful JavaScript Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity.

  • Resources for data scientists and engineers, authored in jupyter notebooks using nbdoc and docusaurus.

  • Piano Analytics SDKs documentation for developers

  • The open source search engine on object storage with subsecond latency

  • A framework for building native apps using React

  • The Home of Redis Developers

  • A React-based framework for building data-intensive applications in no time!

  • The GraphQL client that scales with you

  • A lightweight open source private npm proxy registry

  • Next-gen browser and mobile automation test framework for Node.js

All sites

  • A 30-Day Developer Guide to Azure Static Web Apps

  • Docs and blogs about development and study

  • Developer Wiki and Blog

  • Global State and Logic Framework for reactive Applications

  • Local, reliable, fast and private Audio and IoT gate.

  • French Discord server that helps young people who have been bullied or feel bad about themselves

  • Personal frontend blog for learning

  • A Dynamic, Real-Time, High-Performance Cloud-Native API Gateway

  • Functional programming library for Salesforce Apex

  • Appcircle Docs

    Appcircle is an easy-to-setup mobile CI/CD platform.

  • Enterprise-grade framework for Apache Airflow. Production-ready Airflow environments with just a few clicks

  • Atlas

    Atlas CLI helps developers manage their database schemas by applying DevOps principles.

  • A multi-purpose Discord bot with many features and API integrations that will enhance your Discord experience.

  • Solana blockchain non-custodial wallet that connects you to Web3 dapps, DeFi, GameFi and NFT marketplaces.

  • The AvN Gateway API is the fastest way to interact with the Aventus Network Blockchain.

  • Awe framework, Build light-weight and functional websites quickly

  • Axioms Developer Hub and Documentation Portal

  • Add powerful communications capabilities to your app from the only API platform with it’s own tier-1 carrier network.

  • Barklarm

    Open Source multiplatform alarm and build status monitoring application

  • Batect

    The fast, consistent way to run your development and testing tasks everywhere.

  • A stream processor for mundane tasks

  • A professional, desktop grade terminal for iOS

  • Desenvolvimento de software, carreira, dicas de livros e muito JavaScript!

  • A blog written using Docasaurus.

  • Build Chatbots and Conversational Apps Using React

  • Enterprise Readiness made simple

  • Boyka-Framework

    Ultimate test automation for testing any application on any platform

  • The new way to operate & manage your Cloud: visually.

  • Brobot

    Testable state-based GUI automation.

  • A personal wiki by Bruce Song

  • Track performance budgets & prevent unexpected bloat in your app

  • A Powerful Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes.

  • Charles Ancheta's Blog and Portfolio Website

  • A full suite of developer tools for any chat use-case.

  • Documentation for the Clarity machine learning challenges for improving hearing aid signal processing

  • An extensible API and UI platform for infrastructure tooling

  • codehooks

    Fast Serverless Backend made Easy

  • The Home of Simplified Web Development Tutorials

  • The syllabus for CodeYourFuture - a free code school for refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged people

  • Codiga Documentation

    Documentation for Codiga, your Code Analysis & Coding Assistant

  • CodingHabits

    An interactive learning environment for developers

  • Tech-based Blog, Enterprise-Grade Solutions and more...

  • A declarative UI framework for iOS

  • Computer Science Turkish Resource

    A Computer Science portal for enthusiasts.

  • A feature flag and remote configuration service.

  • Printing Pretty Tables on your console.

  • Get simplified countries, states & cities data without bloating up your database.

  • Crawlee

    Scalable web crawling, scraping and automation library for JS/Node.js

  • Set up a modern web app by running one command

  • The place where Blockchain- and Crypto developers learn, meet and grow.

  • Free and open-source multi-tenant management for Microsoft 365.

  • A website that presents daily COVID-19 statistics and news in France in the form of a daily digest.


    Official product documentation for

  • A new way of building serverless backends, with no infra, framework or deployment nightmares.

  • Static analysis tool that helps analyse and improve Dart code quality.

  • Deploy & Develop Kubernetes Apps

  • DevTomek

    A Polish blog about programming, electronics and IoT

  • This documentation aims to comprise my learning notes on various tech subjects.

  • Open source documented notes for Digital Support Services.

  • The resource and project planning solution for the Microsoft Dynamics product suite. Stop puzzling and start planning.

  • DipScope

    Open source tools to develop high quality software

  • Discord API Types

    Discord API Types

  • All Discord resources in one place

  • A divine collection of awesome web-related Node.js modules

  • Djamaile Rahamat Blog on making cool stuff

  • Dojo Documentation

    Take faster card payments with Dojo.

  • Rich Text Editor Framework for React

  • Server-side component framework

  • Dynamoose

    A modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB

  • JavaScript dates library

  • JWT creation and validation library

  • Server control panel based on Docker

  • Catalog of free educational resources. STEM, ESL and more.

  • Embedded IDE

    A c/c++ development environment for microcontrollers

  • Open source framework for running applications in TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) based on WebAssembly.

  • Ent

    An entity framework for Go

  • Front-end developer blog

  • Combine all your business tools into one streamlined and integrated open-source framework

  • Faster embedded JS template engine in TypeScript

  • An open-source e-commerce platform with Node and React

  • Extracranial

    Sunghyun Cho's Second Brain on the Web.

  • The adaptive interface system for modern web experiences.

  • Fathym Blog

    Fathym deploys, hosts and integrates your favorite tech stacks.

  • An internationalization framework

  • Blogs and videos about frontend development

  • Single-file PHP app that can be dropped into any folder, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders.

  • Firebase/Firestore based headless CMS

  • TypeScript Wrapper for Firestore

  • Open Source Feature Flag and Remote Config Service

  • Forums made simple. Modern, fast, and free!

  • Modern flat design framework for the web — inspired by Duolingo design system.

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platform

  • Extensible mobile app debugger

  • Application architecture for building user interfaces

  • Node.JS framework for building web applications

  • Internationalize your web apps on the client & server.

  • Formiz

    React forms with ease! Composable, headless & with built-in multi steps

  • French software factory based entirely on Free Software.

  • Front End Interview Handbook

    Free curated tech interview preparation materials for busy software engineers

  • A blog only Docusaurus site showcasing cloud, data and full stack design patterns and tutorials

  • GameCI

    Open source continuous integration for games

  • Learn to code yourself by exploring documentations, try GeekyWeb once

  • A divine template/print formatter engine

  • A privacy-first, open-source home assistant

  • A Docker-powered stateless API for PDF files

  • Generate human-readable HTML timetables from GTFS

  • A toolkit to automate & enhance your workflow

  • Hanabi

    A list of Hanabi card game strategies

  • My personal website with a blog section to record all tech-related issues I encountered.

  • Harmonoid

    A beautiful material-design cross platform music player

  • Harvest CLI

    A CLI for Harvest's time tracking software

  • A help portal for Hashnode users

  • anti-bot service docs

  • JavaScript engine optimized for React Native

  • HiCA

    Free SSL Certificate Provider, supports ACME

  • Homarr

    Homarr is a simple and lightweight homepage for your server.

  • All you need to start developing

  • Decode an HTTP request into a custom struct in Go

  • The portfolio of Massoud Maboudi, Full Stack Developer

  • i18n-tools

    CLI to make common operations around i18n files simpler

  • Front end engineer personal website

  • iOS Development Bridge

  • Indent provides on-demand access control for cloud apps and infrastructure.

  • Infinity Works Company Handbook

    An online company handbook, acting as a one-stop shop for all relevant information needed for colleagues.

  • OHIP Billing Agent

  • IsaacScript

    Write Binding of Isaac: Repentance mods with TypeScript

  • Jest Preview

    Debug your Jest tests. Effortlessly.

  • A minimalist personal website

  • The blog of John Reilly ❤️🌻

  • A personal website

  • A lightweight tool to get an AI Infrastructure Stack up in minutes not days.

  • Kanekotic's Page

    List of open-source projects and blog

  • KaustubhK24 blog + Portfolio website

  • A Software Engineer's blog, documentation and project portfolio.

  • Keebio Documentation

    Mechanical keyboard build guides and keyboard reprogramming info

  • Free-to-Play social MMO game that stimulates strategic thinking for achieving goals.

  • Kishan Gajera

    Personal portfolio and blog of Kishan Gajera

  • Konkatsu Strategy Guide

    Support konkatsu (marriage hunting) in Japan

  • Organize Kubernetes manifests in JavaScript

  • Kotlin test framework

  • A kubernetes (k8s) operator to suspend your pods when no-one using them to save energy

  • A modern application engine that adapts to your application's needs, not the other way around.

  • A Software Enthusiast's blog, Sharing and Learning

  • monitor & detect crashes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster instantly

  • A book for LabVIEW Programming

  • A handbook about coding

  • Your open-source personal assistant.

  • A fast modern build system for managing and publishing multiple JavaScript/TypeScript packages from the same repository.

  • LifeOmic PHC Documentation

    Help and information for LifeOmic PHC

  • Interactive videos in React

  • Open source, scalable, real-time audio and video rooms over WebRTC

  • lsfusion platform documentation

    A declarative open-source language-based platform for information systems development

  • Creation of technical trading tools

  • A new concept of mailto and tel links

  • Interactive, extendable street imagery map experiences

  • IT enthusiast that loves to write code, try new things and share knowledge.

  • Infrastructure for User-Generated Video content

  • Platform to deploy static sites, frontend applications and hosted forms

  • Memgraph is the platform for graph computation on streaming data

  • Mentorship Guide

    Making mentorship accessible to all, for mentors and mentees.

  • Personal website with blogs and notes, recording my study and life

  • A personal blog to record open source community contributions and open source projects

  • The JavaScript bundler for React Native

  • The simplest way to develop and operate modern applications on Kubernetes.

  • TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns.

  • Conversion optimisation and web analytics agency from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Fully Open Source ASP.Net Core / Dotnet Core CMS UI Toolkit

  • Modrinth Documentation

    The documentation for Modrinth, an open source Minecraft modding platform

  • A non-profit project to accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from the AFOLU sector

  • A lightweight Web IDE UI framework built with React.js and inspired by VS Code.

  • Moodle Developer Resources

    Moodle - the world's open source learning platform

  • Create beautiful immersive React.js animations using shared components

  • MutableSecurity

    Platform for automating the lifecycle of cybersecurity solutions

  • Nango

    Open-source infrastructure for native integrations in SaaS products

  • The next-generation multiplayer open world sandbox game.

  • NAYAtel

    Documentation for TAC Department

  • Neo Blockchain Developer Portal

    A collection of tools and resources to help you build outstanding applications on Neo

  • Your favorite operating systems in one place!

  • An educational site for monitoring and troubleshooting systems

  • An open source CLI to work with Redux + Redux Saga

  • An open source serverless authentication library for next.js

  • The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL

  • Nikita's Everything I Know Wiki

    Digital wiki with notes/links.

  • An open-source toolsets help to build cloud-native applications easier and faster.

  • Talk to your Serial devices

  • High-performance WPF node editor component designed for MVVM.

  • The open-source notification infrastructure for developers

  • OKP4

    Documentation portal for the OKP4 blockchain

  • The Universal Data Layer

  • Modern, open-source community platform.

  • Authentication, authorization, access control, and delegation (OAuth2 & OpenID Connect) services and APIs

  • OSS Insight provides open source software insight and compares projects and tools

  • Ouch1978

    Personal site of @Ouch1978

  • A Rust ORM based on tokio-postgres and refinery

  • Projects showcase and documentation of software developer

  • Paubox API Documentation

  • Paweł Kosiec

    Personal website and blog of Paweł Kosiec, Full-stack Cloud Developer.

  • A multi-platform C++ library for capturing, parsing and crafting of network packets

  • A wiki and web posts archive about Purrnelope's Country Club project.

  • Free and Open source PDF generator library fully written in TypeScript coming with a React based UI template editor

  • A design-system-driven UI framework that helps developer build beautiful and accessible mobile apps right out of the box

  • Peradaban is a Discord Server Bots made with NAFF designed only for Warung International Discord Server

  • Build internal web apps quickly in the language you already know

  • A very good full stack development teaching website

  • Pipeline UI Documentation

  • A simple, open source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics

  • Fast, disk space efficient package manager

  • Polkadot Wiki

    The central source of truth for Polkadot Network

  • Deploy with confidence. Been stung by a poorly tested database migration? We won't let it happen again.

  • An example of personal wiki

  • PowerPoint JavaScript Library

  • PREFS Python library website and documentation

  • An Integration Platform for B2B Software Companies

  • An Android performance library

  • Pure.css

    A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

  • A performant type-checker for Python 3

  • An open source run-tracker for algorithm and performance engineering with rich visualizations

  • An all-in-one Static Web solution and global Content Delivery Network

  • A cloud native multi cloud application management platform

  • A suite of mobile apps to leverage the full potential of your Raspberry Pi effortlessly.

  • Unopinionated Accessible React Tree Component with Multi-Select and Drag-And-Drop

  • A library that provides accessible UI primitives for React Native apps.

  • A template for building solid applications with separation of concerns between UI, state management, and business logic.

  • Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit

  • The missing React Native UI Kit for iOS.

  • React Native's Animated library reimplemented

  • The hackable, full-featured Open Source HTML rendering solution for React Native.

  • Helps you to write better tests with less effort.

  • Routing and navigation for your React Native apps

  • Official React bindings for Redux

  • Chat UI package for React

  • React components for Leaflet maps

  • 3D animated react button component with progress bar

  • A workshop about building realtime web applications with WebSockets and WebRTC.

  • A JavaScript package for fetching reddit images, memes, wallpapers and more

  • CSS Gradient Editor

  • A Predictable State Container for JS Apps

  • Build redux logic, without getting nervous 😬

  • Redux best practices without the boilerplate in less than 2kb

  • The editor that makes ProseMirror fun to use for React developers

  • Write videos programmatically in React

  • The missing constructor for creating safe async iterators

  • The library to build browser based 3D models with code.

  • Resoto

    Open-source cloud infrastructure management tool—find leaky resources, manage quota limits, detect drift, and clean up!

  • An open source framework for developing servers for real-time applications and games

  • Rokt Docs

    Rokt's product documentation

  • Supercharge your components with this collection of React hooks.

  • Rowy Docs

    Open-source low-code platform for Firebase, Cloud Functions and GCP

  • Application protocol providing Reactive Streams semantics.

  • Run IaC Anywhere with Ease

  • A cloud-based job manager that integrates your devices

  • Sado0823's Blog and Portfolio Website

  • Saleor Documentation

  • The one-stop shop for developing and extending SAP applications in the cloud.

  • A next-gen object-oriented Discord.js bot framework.

  • Enhances built-in Sass modules with additional functions and adds modules for handling breakpoints and exceptions.

  • A PHP framework to create MVC plugins for WordPress

  • Seaography is a GraphQL framework for building GraphQL resolvers using SeaORM entities.

  • A relational ORM to help you build web services in Rust with the familiarity of dynamic languages.

  • We help developers in building data intensive applications in Rust, such as web services, command line tools or apps.

  • Sensory Percussion help

    On-line manual for Sensory Percussion, a music production tool for electronic drums.

  • Automation toolkit for creating repeatable, predictable, and defensible end-to-end forensic and ediscovery workflows.

  • Browse the latest docs, including tutorial guides, sample code, product articles, and API references

  • ShellHub Documentation

    A centralized SSH server for the the edge and cloud computing

  • The cloud video editing API

  • An open source model-based testing tool for web applications

  • Open source Application Performance Monitoring (APM), observability, and troubleshooting tool

  • A javascript router for front-end microservices

  • A smart contract documentation visualizer for Solidity ABI interfaces.

  • Webpage for an open source, telemetry-free Android web browser

  • Turning passions into careers

  • Drop-in replacement for embed-friendly websites (and à la carte APIs for detecting and parsing them)

  • Simplifying data curation for researchers funded by the NIH SPARC initiative

  • Startup developing open-source tools to make cloud infrastructure searchable and accessible.

  • Powerful CLI tool to take control of the Spotify client.

  • A Client for the Spotify Web API, written in C#/.NET

  • DataFrames meet SQL, in the browser

  • SR50 Finance

    Reference handbook for personal finance

  • A data centric approach to provision, querying, and management of cloud infra and SaaS across multiple clouds.

  • Cloud infra and SaaS provider documentation for StackQL providers.

  • StarfishQL is experimental graph database and query engine to enable graph analysis and visualization on the web.

  • Mutation testing for JavaScript, .NET and JVM

  • A CSS preprocessor made for components

  • Webhooks as a Service

  • SweetCode company website and documentation for the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce

  • A performant and distributed state library for creating reusable React state logic by synergyzing atomar context pieces

  • Programmer-oriented Regular Expressions library for PHP


    Webber's personal website

  • Learning made easy without ADS and trackers, Clear concepts at a glance, and Get access to quality study materials.

  • A web developers personal blog and portfolio helping other developers with tips

  • An open cross-end and cross-frame solution

  • A JavaScript SDK for building native mobile Ethereum dapps with React Native

  • Build an optimized, secure, and frontend-independent application for multi-platform deployment.

  • Tech Interview Handbook

    Free curated tech interview preparation materials for busy software engineers.

  • Learn full stack web development from tutorials and blog posts

  • Simple and complete testing utilities that encourage good testing practices

  • A Podcast from Facebook Open Source

  • The Fundraising Lore

    A guide to help founders successfully raise early-stage VC financing

  • A website for co-created books by TiDB Community users.

  • Personal website of Tinaël Devresse, a blog about anything that crosses my mind which I think could interest y'all.

  • Toggle

    Open Source real-time feature flags deployment without need of a server with SDK

  • Open-source low-code platform to build & deploy internal tools with minimal engineering effort.

  • Tremor Event Processing Engine

  • IM Application which build for TRPG, like slack and discord


    TSEI.JP personal website, articles and docs

  • A tool to maintain and interact with Xcode projects at scale

  • A set of React libraries for building forms

  • A feature management solution.

  • A business automation platform that liberates users from repetitive tasks.

  • Vantevo Analytics

    The most complete and secure Google Analytics alternative.

  • A web3 data storage and sharing API

  • A toolkit for virtual photography in Unreal Engine.

  • Vishal Gandhi

    The Data Column - Blog by Vishal Gandhi

  • Wearables and Lab test API for digital health companies.

  • A cross-platform native desktop app library

  • APIs and devtools for implementing authorization and access control.

  • A DSL for building full-stack web apps with less boilerplate.

  • Serverless application framework and CMS for building full-stack applications, GraphQL APIs, websites & microservices.

  • Wener Live & Life

    Notes, Stories, Awesomes

  • Whirl's Personal Website and Blog

  • Wings

    Wings is a modern website-as-service for progressive campaigns

  • WIZnet

    Documentation for various WIZnet products

  • A simple CI engine with great extensibility.

  • WPShop

    Docs site for the ShopWP WordPress plugin

  • Xiaohai's Mind Palace

    A place for organizing notes, writing blogs, and showcasing projects.

  • A fully Chinese Discord bot with epic features that makes Discord more than just chatting platform.

  • YepCode Docs

    Docs for the all-in-one platform that connects your services and APIs

  • YepCode Recipes

    Recipes for the all-in-one platform that connects your services and APIs

  • Yew

    Documentation of Yew web framework

  • Zondax Documentation

    Building back-end tech solutions for the Web3 Space.

  • Open source framework for leveraging data and applications in z/OS

  • 前端大刘

    Record and share to make progress every day!